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For the summer of 2016 they will be held July 18th through the 22nd and August 8th through the 12th        

Everyday you will study ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, acrobatics, and arts and crafts.  Come wearing your tights and leotard with your hair in a bun.  Please bring a bag lunch and snacks, water will be provided.  With that you will be prepared to broaden your knowledge of dance and have a great time at this summer camp!

Dance Camp

Ballet, tap, acrobatics, and arts and crafts for students 4 years old through going into first grade.  Come dressed up as a princess, superhero, ninja, or knight everyday.  Wear your bodysuit and tights under your costume, and girls have your hair in a bun. Bring a dance bag with ballet slippers, tap shoes, a snack, and water bottle and you will be ready to spend a magical week with us at this summer camp!

Princess and Knights Camp

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